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Artists 105 pages
Commercials 7 pages
Movies 18 pages
Music 7 pages
Products 5 pages
Television 25 pages
Trailers 9 pages
Video Games 3 pages

Rules on Pages

  • Every artist gets a page (tag as Artist), where a second artist is featured on a song, link them separately to their own page
  • Television and Movies pages for all (tag either as Television or Movie)
  • Trailers show up on the Movie page, and the page is then tagged as Trailer as well as Movie
  • Song pages where a song may have been performed by more than one artist, otherwise the

data is captured on the Artist's page (tag as Music)

  • Pages that are not for a television show, a movie, or a video game are tagged as Product
  • Songs that appear in a commercial, are placed on the movie, product, television, or video game page, and the page is then tagged Commercial as well as whatever thing it is
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